Hayley Sims said...

Hi there,

We are emailing from Leeds University Students for Women International Society to ask if you would like to contribute a recipe to put in our student cookbook.

We are focussed on supporting Women for Women International, a non-profit organisation which works with women in eight post-conflict countries: Afghanistan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, DRC, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda and South Sudan. In these countries, war and conflict have destroyed lives and entire communities. In the one year Women for Women program, female survivors of these countries learn job skills and receive business training in order to gain stability and strength for the future.

One of Women for Women International’s projects has been the hugely successful cookbook Share, featuring recipes from the eight different countries and international chefs and humanitarians such as Alice Waters, Richard Branson and Nelson Mandela and Meryl Streep. The link to Share:

This year, we are aiming to create and sell our own student cookbook inspired by Share, with affordable, easy and original recipes from the eight countries that Women for Women work in. All our proceeds will be donated to Women for Women International. We’ve already had contact with Ruby from the British Bake Off who is writing our foreword!

We would love for you to contribute an Afghani recipe to our cookbook, in an effort to show Leeds students the wonders of Aghani cuisine!

The structure of our cookbook means we are looking for recipes that fit into categories: ‘lunch on campus’, dinner party food, quick dinners or one-pot cooking, sides and snacks and desserts.

We aim to distribute the cookbook at International Women’s Week in March and therefore will need recipes to be handed in by the 14th of February.
Please include:
- 2-4 sentences about the dish you are preparing (is it a local dish, a specialty, etc)
- Preparation time
- A list of ingredients. If ingredients are not available in the UK suggest a replacement.
- Step-by-step Instructions. Please be as clear as possible. Better to overwrite and we can edit out where deemed necessary.
- A photo of the recipe
- A photo of you/society which we have permission to use in the cookbook.
- A little bit about you; what you like, your interest in cooking/development/women’s rights.
- a website if you would like it included.

Thank you for your time and consideration in taking part in what we hope will be a huge success for Leeds Students for Women International and more importantly, Women for Women International.

All the best,

The Leeds Students for Women Committee

Billy Pilgrim said...

When you make chatni gashneez, do you use vinegar, lemon juice, or a mixture of both?

Nasro Jaan said...

you can use both. Some people get some side effects from vinagar, they use limon juice.

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